Friday, November 1, 2019

Raising a Biracial Child featuring Aisha O'Reilly - Episode 17


"Mixed. Biracial. Half-caste. Black. White. Colored." All these and other names can be and are used to refer to a person whose parents are of different races. The world is becoming increasingly diverse and the number of multiracial people around the world is growing quickly. In this episode, I interview Aisha O'Reilly, a black African woman who's married to a white African man. Aisha and Kevin have a three year old son and I ask Aisha a few questions about raising a biracial child. Like Trevor Noah's book and life story pointed out, once upon a time in South Africa, having parents of different races meant you were "Born a Crime." Times have changed, yes, but there is still progress to be made in and out of Africa. Aisha discusses teaching her son about race from a young age, shares her thoughts on the "one-drop theory" and gives some insight into race relations and categorization in South Africa.

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