While I'm not yet a mum, I really enjoy listening to each episode as it gives me a lot of perspective about motherhood and what it takes to raise kids. It's really good to see how much you've done with the podcast, Berry.

Yewz M - 21 September 2020

This host is lovely. She is well spoken and has a wonderful perspective on motherhood. Education with a spicy touch.

LuvN - 6 September 2020

Thank you for this unique perspective on motherhood.

Nne Nne - 26 August 2020

Well done Berry! I enjoy listening to all the episodes. You're really doing a great job. Can't seem to get over them. I keep looking forward to when a new episode drops. Thanks for your contribution to 'mommyhood.'

Sommi - 29 July 2020

The Mommy Oyoyo podcast is so needed in the African community. For us, culture affects everything we do - including motherhood. It's so refreshing to hear stories of other African moms and learn what has worked for them and how they got to where they are now. Keep up the great work, Berry!

Verastic - 16 July 2020

Thanks for such insightful topics! Love that I have a podcast for such relevant issues that affect an African mom.

Kyei - 25 April 2020

Being a mom, I can totally relate to everything on this podcast, it is also highly informative. Good job, keep it coming.

Bubs - 23 October 2019

Yay, so glad you are on Apple now. Love your content!

Neuyogi - 12 August 2019

I love that this podcast is very relatable. Great job Berry!

Titi - 11 August 2019