Friday, January 10, 2020

I Got My Tubes Tied feat. Kiki Makanjuola - Episode 24

What makes a woman decide to tie her tubes aka undergo a tubal ligation? Why does she decide to go that route as opposed to other methods of contraception like the use of condoms, birth control pills or implants, IUDs, or even having her partner get a vasectomy? It is not an easy decision to make, nor is it one taken lightly. Is it solely her decision, because well, it's her body?  

In this episode, I have a candid conversation with my sister, Kiki Makanjuola that centers around her decision to get her tubes tied. In an honest and transparent exchange, she shares her thought process in coming to her decision that she did not want anymore children. She touches on why she got the tubal ligation done, as opposed to her husband going through a vasectomy.  She also gives her opinion on whether it is a decision to be made solely by the woman, or whether her partner needs to consulted. 

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