Friday, February 7, 2020

Giving Birth Like The Hebrew Woman and Birthing Blissfully feat. Ibiene Warmann - Episode 28


Have you ever heard about giving birth like the Hebrew woman? Do you know the origin of the Hebrew Woman birth story? If you have had children or are currently pregnant, has anyone ever prayed that you give birth like the Hebrew woman? In this episode, I chat with Ibiene Warmann, who calls herself a Slayer of Pregnancy Fears. In our discussion, Ibiene shared about overcoming her fears and anxiety towards childbirth. She was aware that the overwhelming information about childbirth is largely negative, with screaming mothers-to-be in pain. Ibiene sought out information that helped her have a peaceful and joyful birth experience. In this episode, Ibiene talks about the Hebrew Woman "ideal" and shares more about her brand, Birthing Blissfully, which is aimed at giving women practical tips to leverage faith, and find the right information to have positive birth experiences. 
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