Friday, August 28, 2020

Girl Dad, African Father, Active Parenting feat. Dapo Peters - EPISODE 48



Ask the typical African person how they were raised and the majority of them will talk about being raised by their mothers, while their fathers were not actively involved in parenting. Traditional African values look at the mother as the primary parent - feeding the children, playing with/talking to them, spending quality time, teaching the children, etc; whereas African fathers are the breadwinners, and as such, supposedly have little or no time to participate in actively raising or parenting their children. We are in a time where there are clear benefits of having a father's involvement in his child's life. 

In this episode, I speak with Dapo Peters, a Nigerian-American man, who plays an active role in raising his daughter alongside his wife. Dapo shares what fatherhood means to him, how his father made it a point to spend time with him, his thoughts on gender differentiated parenting and more.

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