Thursday, September 24, 2020

African Dad - I Got a Vasectomy feat. Folabi Lawal - EPISODE 52



Typically, when an African couple decides that they no longer want children, the woman bears the physical brunt of getting a a procedure done (hysterectomy, tubal ligation, etc) to prevent future pregnancies. It is pretty uncommon to find an African man who chooses to undergo a vasectomy. In fact, a UN report from 2013 stated that only 0.1% of African men have undergone vasectomies! A major reason why they don't can be attributed to ignorance, misinformation (No, a vasectomy will not affect sex drive or ability to enjoy sex) and the unfortunate stigma that can follow (Yes, you're still a man).  

In this episode, my guest Folabi, candidly shares his experience of getting a vasectomy. Folabi is a Nigerian-American man, and very open with going through this procedure. He talked about coming to the decision that he and his wife did not want more children, why he chose to get a vasectomy (as opposed to the typical African household where the woman gets her tubes tied), the after-effects and recovery following the procedure, and why he is so open about sharing his decision and experience.  


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